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Travel the World with RiRy!

A great deal of fun is to be had just in purchasing the Pirate Patch and fixing your wall texture. We know how much you love fixing holes in the wall, but we are ready to make it an even greater adventure. RiRy loves to have fun and travel the world because that is what pirates do. But RiRy doesn’t want to do it alone. He needs a crew. So here is the deal:

As you travel the world, make RiRy your captain, or at least let him tag along! Pack a Pirate Patch Knockdown Drywall Texture Repair Tool or Kit (But be careful with the kit as the mud bag may explode in your suitcase from the change in airplane pressure. Consider yourself forewarned!). When you get to your destination, snap a picture with you, the Pirate Patch and a picturesque background (go check out our Facebook page for examples). Post it on our Facebook page, or email it to us at info@riryllc.com. Each year we will pick a favorite, most creative, and most buzzed and talked about photo, and send that person a FREE round trip plane ticket to any location in the world!

Fill out an entry from to receive the official contest rules, details, limitations (** see contest rules for details ***)


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