Jake Atchison, Exodus Moving & Storage

“What an amazing tool! Just place the tool on the wall, spread the drywall compound and wa-la! No more texture in can all over the place, masking time and materials and guessing when to knock it down….. This is a must purchase for small drywall repairs!” – Wayne Wright, Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting

“As a Residential Painting Contractor, speed, efficiency and quality are vital. As we all know, the spray cans just don’t work for knockdown, therefore we used to have to drag around a compressor, hopper, joint compound, knockdown knife, etc… The Pirate Patch has made our knockdown patches so quick and simple, we couldn’t live without it. The best part is ANYONE can use this tool and get great results every time. Thanks RiRy!” – Braden Barnes, Valiant Painting

“Your product is off the hook! Great idea, works great and it’s easy to use. Thanks for a truly innovative product.” – John Ambrose, Loveland, CO