Our Story

The Pirate Patch was born in 2009 when two best friends and entrepreneurs running a painting company discovered a much easier way to repair knockdown drywall texture. After encountering countless paint jobs needing small texture repair before the painting could begin and being completely unimpressed with the products currently on the market, they developed a quick and professional- quality solution.

  • Products sold at home improvement and paint stores claimed to repair knockdown texture just do not work well (or work at all!) , are messy, complicated, and still require that professional drywaller’s touch to complete the repair.
  • Most drywall companies do not want to do a small patch for a painter, contractor, or homeowner because it makes them very little to no profit. In order to make a profit, they must charge an amount that is incongruous. And who blames them? We are blessed to be capitalists. Why work and make no money?
  • As a result, homeowners and home improvement contractors get stuck—unable to complete a job with professional results without paying through the nose for it.

In 2009, these guys sat at a local Loveland, Colorado burrito joint and sketched out the idea for the Pirate Patch. In 2010, RiRy, LLC was founded, and for the next two years, they discussed the ideas and searched for the ideal way to manufacture, design and deliver the Pirate Patch to the masses. In June 2012, The Pirate Patch Drywall Repair Tool received its first US Patent and hit the shelves at local Colorado Ace Hardware stores. The Pirate is currently in talks with some well-known companies to plan the release of the Pirate Patch nationwide, but until then, check out the following locations to get your own Pirate Patch: Store Locator.

Our Mission

“To have fun, be innovative leaders, and make money just like a (Robin Hood-style) pirate”

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a Pirate Patch in the hands of every homeowner and contractor in the world. We are innovative leaders in the business and entrepreneurial community. We have fun living our mission and are here to put a smile on peoples’ faces delivering them not just a tool but happiness and a solution that is not on the market today. We are special pirates who give back to the community as we travel the world conquering our mission and vision. People from all over the world come to the RiRy and Pirate Patch headquarters to tour our office, meet RiRy and board his pirate ship.

How to use the Pirate Patch


 Step 1:


Patch area where damage has occurred, leaving a smooth finish.



Step 2:



Tape Pirate Patch stencil centered over area you wish to texture.

Step 3:


With a putty knife, spread drywall mud throughout stencil. Remove excess.

 Step 4:


Remove Pirate Patch.

 Step 5:


Allow time to dry.

 Step 6:


Prime and paint when dry.